Zee Natya Gaurav Puraskar 2019 Winners List: Soyare Sakal, Kajvyancha Gaon Win Big

Here's a complete winners' list from the award ceremony!

Zee Natya Gaurav Puraskar 2019.

Do you know what season this is? Before you say summer, let’s clarify that it’s the award season. Zee Gaurav 2019 awards have officially begun, with that, it has already started raining awards for the artists. In case, you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Zee Natya Gaurav 2019, we have the complete winners’ list compiled for you. Have a look and enjoy!

Watch the award ceremony below:

Experimental Play

  1. Best Makeup: Sharad Vete, Rajan Awalegaonkar for Khagh Nigrah
  2. Best Costume: Smita Tavare for Kajvyancha Gaon
  3. Best Sangeet: Ashutosh Waghmare for Tuka Mhane
  4. Best Background Music: Vikram Shirsat for Chi Shree Va Sau Sakhare
  5. Best Set: Pradeep Vaidya for Kajvyancha Gaon
  6. Best Lights: Amod Phadke for Cinderella
  7. Best Dance Direction: Smruti Talpade for Khagh Nigrah
  8. Best Supporting Actress: Mukta Soman for Kajvyancha Gaon
  9. Best Supporting Actor: Gaurav Malankar for Gwahi
  10. Best Writer: Vivek Bele for Jara Samjun Ghya
  11. Best Actress: Aboli Naik for Chi Shree Va Sau Sakhare
  12. Best Actor: Dr Mohan Agashe for Jara Samjhun Ghya
  13. Best Director: Pradeep Vaidya for Kajvyancha Gaon
  14. Best Natak: Kajvyancha Gaon
  15. Special Jury Award: Jamba Bamba Bu
Zee Natya Gaurav Puraskar 2019.
Zee Natya Gaurav Puraskar 2019.

Commercial Play

  1. Best Makeup: Ashok Raut for Ovi
  2. Best Costume: Geeta Godbole for Soyare Sakal
  3. Best Set: Sandesh Bendre for He Mruntunjay
  4. Best Lights: Sheetal Talpade for He Mruntunjay
  5. Best Music: Ajit Parab for Soyare Sakal
  6. Best Supporting Actor: Satish Rajwade for A Perfect Murder
  7. Best Supporting Actress: Minal Paranjape for Aaranyak
  8. Best Comic Actor: Ashish Pawar for Galati Se Mistake
  9. Best Comic Actress: Nandita Patkar for Amchya Hicha Prakaran
  10. Best Writer: Sameer Kulkarni for Soyare Sakal
  11. Notable Actor: Ninad Limaye- Epic Gadbad
  12. Notable Actress: Madhuri Gavali- Epic Gadbad
  13. Best Comedy Play: Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Gosht
  14. Notable Play: Epic Gadbad 
  15. Special Jury Award: Ratnakar Matkari for Aaranyak
  16. Best Actor: Bharat Jadhav for Once More
  17. Best Actress: Aishwarya Narkar for Soyare Sakal
  18. Best Director: Nipun Dharmadhikari for Once More
  19. Best Play: Soyare Sakal
  20. Garnier Black Naturals Most Natural Performance of the Year: Hruta Durgule for    Dada Ek Good News Aahe
  21. Zee Gaurav Puraskar: Jayant Savarkar

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