Which Hairstyle Do You Prefer On Jaago Mohan Pyare’s Shruti Marathe?

Jaago Mohan Pyare actress ditched her staple hairdo, for a new one.

Jaago Mohan Pyare actress Shruti Marathe smiles for a picture.

It refreshing to change your hairdo every once in a while. When a girl changes her hair, you have to know that she ready to call in the big guns and start a new phase in her life. As dramatic as it may sound, it is however true. We are assuming this is what happened with the Jaago Mohan Pyare actress Shruti Marathe who underwent a dramatic hair change. In the role of  pari  on the Marathi TV show, we see her showing off her straight hair.

Watch her cast her magic spell on Jaago Mohan Pyaare

Ditching this regular hairstyle, Shruti decided to opt for curls and obviously looked good in it. From her expressions, it’s apparent that she loves them, too.

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Curls ❤❤ #shrutimarathe

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Although she looks chic in straight hair, there is a fun hippie vibe to Shruti’s curls. Now that, Jaago Mohan Pyare has ended, we are rooting to see this hairstyle on her new reel-life avatars.

Finally, the real question remains, which hairstyle of Shruti Marathe do you think suits her more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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