When Tula Pahate Re’s Vikrant And Jaydeep Gave Bromance A New Meaning

The sibling jodi on Tula Pahate Re followed this social media trend which will make you pick up the phone and call your sibling right now!

Aashutosh Gokhale from Tula Pahate Re.

Twinning of outfits is prevalent in Bollywood and the West. When two celebrities are spotted wearing the same design, we usually come across online polls where two celebs are pitted against each other.  However, when Tula Pahate Re actors wear similar attires, it just shows the strength of the bond they share. We recently saw Vikrant and Jaideep wearing checkered shirts while shooting the show.

Watch this famous sibling jodi on Tula Pahate Re

Subodh Bhave who plays Vikrant Saranjame and Aashutosh Gokhale who plays Jaydeep from Tula Pahate Re co-ordinated outfits in real-life. These stars who are onscreen siblings just showed their bromance in real-life with this matchy-matchy statement. Although Jaydeep and Vikrant on Tula Pahate Re aren’t on great terms, these actors are as close as ever on the sets. Take a look at their picture with Gayatri Datar who plays Isha Nimkar on the show.

We like when the celebs of Marathi film industry wear the same outfit, they click a selfie, laugh about the coincidence and preserve the moment as a memory. So, this time we are going to ditch the Western standards of comparing two actors and just appreciate their bond.

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