Watch Sheetal And Ajinkya Fall In Love Again This Holi On Lagira Zhala Jee

They celebrate the festival of colours the first time as a married couple.

A scene from Lagira Zhala Jee

Sheetal and Ajinkya’s relationship has found its ground in the luscious fields of the rural region as well as the posh urban residencies. As they have become a popular couple from Lagira Zhala Jee, you must wonder how they are celebrating Holi? And if they are having just the same amount of fun you are?  So, let’s have a glimpse into Sheetal and Ajinkya.

Watch the clip below:

In the video, we see Ajinkya hiding from Sheetal who is looking to apply colours on this face. But, as Ajinkya thinks he has successfully hid from her, she finds him. The poor army man is being chased by Sheetal who can’t get a hold of him. Finally, she pretends to fall down and throws colours on Ajinkya. Want to know how cutely Ajinkya takes his revenge? Watch the video above.

(Spoiler Alert: The couple also has an adorable romantic scene during these festivities.)

Meanwhile, along with her army man husband, Sheetal also spends her Holi with her parents and loved ones. During this, her father gives an important piece of advice? If you want to know what that is, watch the above video.

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