Want Frizz-Free Hair Like Akshaya Deodhar? Use These Easy Techniques

No more of checking the weather forecast for your hair before venturing out of the house.

Akshaya Deodhar from Tuzhat Heev Rangala

When Disney showed their princesses having shiny luscious hair, they definitely didn’t give a thought to the frizz-causing factors like humidity and pollution. Luckily to save us from this blaring problem we have our real-life doll, Tuzhat Jeev Rangala actress Akshaya Deodhar whose shiny hair we can’t stop staring at.

If you, too, want to get hair like hers, then, we have listed ways to save your locks from the harsh natural factors.

Meanwhile, watch her in the role of Anjali Pathak on Tuzhat Jeev Rangala 

1. Buns are cool

Some of you might get a headache after reading this statement. Usually, it is the girls with wavy and curly hair who are subjected to the wrath of humidity. You can stop that by tying your hair which does not let the humidity settle in your strands.

2. Wash your hair with cold water

Hot or warm water tends to make your hair wiry and frizzy. Cold water helps in settling them down. In salons, too, the hairstylists prefer washing your hair with cold water.

3. Use your tees as towels

Since childhood, we have been taught to vigorously rub your hair after stepping out of the shower.  This is bad for your strands as it creates friction. Use cotton towels or t-shirts to squeeze out the excess water from your hair.

4. Use clean shampoos and conditioners

While cleaning our scalps we even wash out natural oils, this can be other reason for frizz. So, it is necessary to have chemical-free shampoos and conditioners. You could opt for clean and natural products which are easily available online. They not only help in keeping your hair frizz-free but also work on hair fall.

5. Anti-frizz products

Coconut oil keeps your hair healthier and promotes hair growth. If you are looking for a non-sticky alternative, there are light variants available in the market for that too. For those of you, who have colour treated your hair (which can be a major reason for frizz), opt for shea butter. It calms your hair down.

With these tricks, your hair will definitely give a tough competition to those Disney princesses! If you have a cool hack to add to the list above, do let us know in the comments.

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