Vote Result: Fans Prefer Madhura Over Madhuvanti In Bhago Mohan Pyare

The character is played by Sarita Joshi in the popular Zee Marathi horror comedy show. Read the details here.

A Still From Bhago Mohan Pyare

Regular viewers of Zee Marathi’s comedy horror show Bhago Mohan Pyare may already be aware about Madhuvanti’s transformation on the show. Yes, she has ditched her avatar as a witch and become a human, named Madhura. As opposed to Madhuvanti who was seen in traditional Maharashtrian sarees teamed with junk silver jewellery and heavy makeup, her human form is a typical girl-next-door, clad in simple, western attires. We asked you to vote between the two avatars and you have chosen Madhura as the preferred one. 

Watch the latest episode from the show here. 

100 percent votes came in for Madhura, which is interesting, considering that this isn’t even Sarita Joshi’s -the actress who essays the character – previous appearance on the show. 

Currently, on Bhago Mohan Pyare, Madhuvanti has transformed Mohan into a child and as a result, no one is able to recognise him. His own friends and family members keep shooing him away, and Madhuvanti adds fuel to the fire by instigating them to do so. What’s waiting to be seen is whether Mohan will come back to his original form soon.

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