Tula Pahate Re’s Vikrant And Isha Inspired By A Real-life Incident?

Destiny worked its magic on Gayatri Datar and Subodh Bhave’s first meeting.

Onscreen couple from Tula Pahate Re start their happily-ever-after.

Once someone wise said if you work hard for your dreams, the universe will stand by you to fulfil it. It was Gayatri Datar’s casting opposite Subodh Bhave in Tula Pahate Re which made me believe in this saying. This happened after Subodh shared a throwback post with Gayatri which was followed by an anecdote.

Watch Isha and Vikrant’s onscreen chemistry on Tula Pahate Re

Subodh posted an old picture of him handing out the prize to a joyous child. While accepting the award, this girl confessed her heartfelt wish of acting alongside Subodh one day.  Our winner was none other than Gayatri Datar who is seen in the role of Isha Nimkar from Tula Pahate Re.  Fast forward to the first day of shooting on the sets of the show, Subodh was surprised to see Gayatri finally get her opportunity to act opposite him.

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"दुनिया गोल हैं" काही वर्षांपूर्वी एका स्पर्धेमध्ये एका लहान मुलीला माझ्या हस्ते पुरस्कार मिळाला होता. तेव्हा ती म्हणाली की मला पण तुमच्या बरोबर काम करायचं मी म्हणालो नक्की आणि अचानक एक दिवशी "तुला पाहते रे " च्या सेट वर तिची गाठ पडली. आणि तिनी मला ह्या प्रसंगाची आठवण करून दिली . मी थक्क!!!!!!! ती मुलगी म्हणजे तुमच्या सगळ्यांची आवडती "इशा" म्हणजेच "गायत्री दातार" स्वप्नांवरचा माझा विश्वास अजूनच वाढला. #तुलापहातेरे सोमवार ते शनिवार रात्री ८.३० वाजता फक्त @zeemarathiofficial वर @_gayatridatar_ Atul Ketkar Aparna Ketkar Girish Mohite

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Being the lead actors of Tula Pahate Re, we love seeing Gayatri and Subodh’s onscreen chemistry without the age difference coming in between them. Even though this is her first project, the actress acts flawlessly making it one of the top-rated shows of Zee Marathi.
Now, isn’t this the perfect motivation for you to never give up on your dreams? We would love to know what’s going to be the first step towards your goal.