Tula Pahate Re’s Myra Takes A Break From Her Onscreen Meanness For This!

Abhidnya Bhave shows us her main priorities in life.

Abhindya Bhave from Tula Pahate Re poses with mom.

In all our lives, a best friend is equivalent to a soulmate and a secret keeper. Once you find such a person, it is difficult to live without them. Like us, the Marathi TV celebs, too, cherish having the loved ones by their side during the hectic schedule. Amongst them is Tula Pahate Re actress Abhidnya Bhave who loves spending time with her best friends.

Meanwhile, watch Abhidnya Bhave’s excellent performance in Tula Pahate Re

Recently, Abhidnya revealed to us importance of true friendship as she stepped out for brunch with her BFFs. She was spotted wearing easy-breezy pants and a tank top with an over-sized white shirt– a look perfect for the oncoming summer. She captioned the picture, “That’s real friendship for me- (it is) beyond fights, misunderstandings, an explanation for not being there sometimes, monetary secrets, getting jealous of each other’s achievements. (They are my) well-wishers for real!”

On Tula Pahate Re in Myra’s character, Abhidnya is always seen jealous of Isha’s successes. It is a delight to see the actress isn’t like her onscreen character in real life.

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