Tula Pahate Re’s Isha And Myra Show Us Their Shades Of Cool

Looks like Myra and Isha have buried their rivalry just for this!

Gayatri Datar And Abhidnya Bhave pose together with the Tula Pahate Re team. (Source: Instagram)

In today’s time having filters on every social media platform is a boon as well as a curse. No one ever wakes up with a sleepy face as you have special effects making you look like a goddess. These filters are so addictive that even our favourite girls from Tula Pahate Re can’t stop using them.

Watch Tula Pahate Re below: 

Abhidnya Bhave and Gayatri Datar are known to share their behind the scenes moments from the sets of the Marathi TV show. Seen in the characters of Myra and Isha respectively, these actresses use the Instagram filters and Boomerangs to flaunt their strong friendship in real-life. Like, this one time when Abhidnya showed their ‘real shades’ (pun intended) as she and Gayatri used the ‘sunglass filter’ available on Instagram. Although, if you think you know ‘all their shades’ after seeing them fight with each other on Tula Pahate Re, this might be surprising for you.

(Source: Instagram)

They may be sworn enemies onscreen, but Abhidnya and Gayatri just want to have some fun without needing Vikrant Saranjame by their side. Seeing them, are you tempted to post a selfie on Instagram with your bestie? We would love to know in the comments below.

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