Tula Pahate Re: Vikrant Declares His Love For Rajanandini, Watch Video

Does Rajnandini accept Vikram's gesture? Find out by watching the promo inside!

Subodh Bhave in Tula Pahate Re

Fans had been eagerly waiting for Rajnandini’s entry in Tula Pahate Re and the time has finally come! The popular Zee Marathi show starring Subodh Bhave (Vikrant), Isha (Gayatri Datar) and Shilpa Tulaskar (Rajanandini) showed her entry in the recent episode where she meets Vikrant for the first time. It was interesting to see that their first meeting was exactly like the time when Isha and Vikrant meet one another. Now this can’t be a simple coincidence, can it?

Watch the latest episode of the show here.

Viewers are waiting with bated breath to know Rajanandini’s story and the cause behind her death. There’s a long way to go as the show is currently focusing on Vikram and Rajanandini’s love story and the recent promo gives a sneak peek of the same! Watch here.

Looks like Vikram got his charm on to win Rajanandini over and impressed her with a romantic setting having balloons and flowers. And by the looks of it, Rajanandini looks pleasantly surprised and impressed. But how long will Vikram’s facade last for?

Is Vikram trying to win Rajanandini over for an ulterior motive? Stay tuned for all the updates here!

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