Tula Pahate Re Promo: Will Vikrant Succeed In Hiding His Truth From Isha? Watch Video

Isha is adamant to find Gaja Patil. But can Vikrant keep stalling her, from finding the truth?

Isha, Vikrant and Aaisaheb in a still from Tula Pahate Re

Zee Marathi’s popular show Tula Pahate Re has reached an exciting phase, where Vikrant (Subodh Bhave) is put on a spot by his wife Isha (Gayatri Datar). If you’re a follower of the show, you must be aware that Vikrant has killed Rajesh, after discovering that he had told Isha about Gaja Patil, and how he was the real fraudster. Since Vikrant is in fact Gaja Patil and has been using this name to commit fraud, he is now on a mission to keep his dual identity hidden from Isha and his family.

Watch the latets episode here.

But Isha has grown suspicious and thinks that Gaja Patil is alive. She is adamant to find him and make him pay for his sins. In the upcoming episode, Isha will make her intentions clear to Vikrant, who will panic over his truth being discovered by her. Check out this promo:

Only Aaisaheb knows that when they adopted him, his former name was Gaja Patil. But she and Isha, have no idea about how he is misusing his identity to commit fraud. Now that Isha is hell bent to find Gaja Patil, will Vikrant manage to keep his truth hidden?

How will he keep Isha at bay? Stay tuned to find out! Catch all episodes of Tula Pahate Re, exclusively on ZEE5.