Tula Pahate Re: Isha Tells Myra That She Is Rajanandini, Watch Promo

How will Myra react? Check out the promo inside!

A Still From Tula Pahate Re

Isha has started laying her trap to teach Vikrant a lesson he will never forget, in Zee Marathi’s popular show Tula Pahate Re. She has revealed her real identity as Rajanandini to Jaydeep and Aaisaheb. And now, she is about to give the shocker to Myra too! The latest promo shows that Isha shows Myra Rajanandini’s room and tells her that the Saranjame property belonged entirely to her. She adds that it was Gaja Patil who changed his name to Vikrant and tried to become the head of the Saranjame group by murdering Rajanandini.

Watch the latest episode here.

In the video you can see a shocked Myra listening to Isha, and staring at Rajanandini’s picture on the wall. But she isn’t convinced and asks Isha how she knows the truth about Vikrant. Myra storms out of the room but stops as Isha reveals that she is Rajanandini! Watch here.

How will Myra react to Isha’s claims? Will she believe her or will she think that Isha is acting mad? And will Myra tell Vikrant? Too many questions waiting to be answered so stay tuned for all the updates here!

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