Tula Pahate Re: Fans To Finally Get A Glimpse Of Rajanandini On The Show

The actress spoke about this character in an interview and revealed that she has began the shooting.

Shilpa Tulaskar from Tula Pahate Re

Currently, as Tula Pahate Re is progressing, we see Isha’s comparisons are made to Rajanandini. Now, accompanying Aaisaheb, even Jaydeep has started seeing his sister’s mannerisms in Isha. Along with all the twists and turns, we can’t help but wonder when will Rajanandini enter, more importantly, what will she look like. As if, hearing our inner thoughts, here’s what Gayatri Datar and Shilpa Tulaskar (who is rumoured to play the Rajanandini) have to say about this subject.

(Spoiler: Shilpa’s Instagram is flooded with Tula Pahate Re teasers.)

Watch the episode of Tula Pahate Re below:

Recently, during an interview, Gayatri Datar and Shilpa Tulaskar were bombarded with questions about the appearance of this famous character. The latter said she has begun shooting for Rajanandini’s character. However, this time Shilpa will ditching her jet black tresses and would be opting for red hair. No points for guessing that it will be a wig that Shilpa would be seen wearing. Meanwhile, Gayatri Datar, who essays Isha Nimkar, the second wife of the famous business tycoon, will get a break from shooting.

Rajanandini and Isha’s characters exist in different timelines, hence there is a building up of curiosity. Earlier, Tula Pahate Re’s lead Subodh Bhave celebrated Holi with Shilpa who will be seen essaying the character. Both the veteran actors said that Rajanandini’s entry will possibly be in April. Although the fans had a lot of questions to ask, the actors were tight-lipped about the forthcoming twists.

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