Tula Pahate Re Actress Abhidnya Bhave Gives A Tough Smiling Competition To Kids

We can't decide who has a better smile.

Abhidnya Bhave caught candidly on the sets of the show.

Abhidnya Bhave recently gave a peek into her real life as she posed with her nephews. This came as a surprise to us given her serious image of Myra in Tula Pahate Re on ZEE5. Being an antagonist on the Marathi TV show we rarely see Myra being so happy!

You will be impressed with her acting in Tula Pahate Re

Amidst the hectic schedule, the actress spent time with family and showed us her true priorities. In the post, you can see Abhidnya and her nephews sharing caught in a burst of deep laughter. She captioned the picture, “True love is rare and infectious!”. We agree with her.
Abhindya Bhave smiling with her nephews
Source: Instagram
In the past, too, she has documented her affection and obsession with her family on her social media account.
The Tula Pahate Re actress Abhidnya Bhave with her nephew.
Source: Instagram

On Tula Pahate Re, Abhidya’s character is always creating misunderstandings between Isha and Vikrant. Before this, even on Khulta Kali Khulena, the actress was seen in the negative shade of Monica. However, Abhidnya’s real-life personality is a delight to us on social media, especially when she shares such private pictures.

Which side of the Tula Pahate Re actress do you prefer more? We would love to know in the comments.
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