Tula Pahate Re 8 March 2019 Preview: Vikrant Creates A Scene In Front Of Aaisaheb

Isha returns the necklace to Vikrant.

A still from Tula Pahate Re.

In Tula Pahate Re, Vikrant misses the family reunion purposely as he is busy flirting with Myra. Everybody gets tired oaiting for him and finally decide to have dinner without him. During this occasion, Aaisaheb gifts Isha a necklace worn by Rajanandini as she impressed by Isha’s dedication towards Saranjame Group Of Industries.

Watch the latest preview below:

We see Isha wearing that necklace and coming in front of Vikrant. She is slightly disappointed but asks him if he wants dinner. Vikrant replies saying he isn’t hungry as he spots the necklace. He quizzes her about it and Isha happily tells Aaisaheb gifted it to her. He screams at her asking to remove it quickly. Although Isha is confused, she abides by his order. Then, he takes it to Aaisaheb and inquires the reason for giving it to Isha. She confesses that the way the tanmani suited Rajanandini, it will suit Isha, too. Vikrant dramatically tells Aaisaheb to stop finding Rajanandini in Isha. Aaisaheb is worried.

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