Tula Pahate Re 8 June 2019 Written Update: Isha Asks Mr Paranjpe To Go Into Hiding

In Tula Pahate Re, to save him from Jhende, Isha asks Mr Paranjpe to go into hiding.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Mrs and Mr Nimkar cook lies in front of everyone about their temple visit.  During this, Isha excuses herself and goes to the bedroom. Sonya, who isn’t at dinner, goes and keeps the false birth certificate in Isha’s room. As she enters, Sonya hides quickly by taking advantage of Isha’s conversation with Mr Paranjpe over the phone. He tells that Jhende has come to know the truth and has tried to kill him. Isha is shocked after hearing the recap of events Mr Paranjpe informs her.

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Isha advises him to go hide at his daughter’s place. Mr Paranjpe is reluctant to abandon Isha just in the middle of the mission. During this conversation, Sonya escapes. The next morning, Sonya confronts Jaydeep about his slip of the tongue. At the previous day’s dinner, he had called Isha ‘Tai’ instead of ‘My Friend Vahini’, Sonya is concerned about that. Jaydeep decides to tell her the truth. He narrates Isha’s story to her as Sonya mocks him. Sonya gets worried that Isha’s mental illness is getting worse with every passing day.

Mr and  Mrs Nimkar are worried about the change in the change of Isha’s birth date. Sonya tells her conversation with Jaydeep to Isha’s parents. They get anxious as the decide what to do with the birth certificate. At the office, Myra is furious at Isha and Mr Paranjpe. Meanwhile, Isha and Jaydeep, who are reaching office, discuss the turn of events with Mr Paranjpe. Jaydeep is shocked and wants to confront Jhende but Isha stops him. She says they have to take steps very smartly.

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