Tula Pahate Re 7 May 2019 Written Update: Revealed! How Gaja Changed His Name To Vikrant

How did Gaja Patil become Vikrant? Find out!

A Still From Tula Pahate Re

In the last episode of Tula Pahate Re, we saw Jalinder trying to prove his innocence while being questioned by Dadasaheb about his work ethics. Jalinder says he will give him answers and Dadasaheb agrees to give him more time. Meanwhile, Vikrant and Rajanandini meet and she thanks him for saving their business from a big fraud and notifying everyone about Jalinder’s company. Rajanandini keeps blushing and Vikrant gets a hint that she likes him. The episode ends with him popping the question and asking Rajnandini to marry him.

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In tonight’s episode, we saw Dadasaheb getting upset with Rajanandini for coming home late. She apologises and tells her family about Gaja Patil. She tells them about his proposal and adds that she wishes to marry him. Meanwhile, Vikrant aka Gaja Patil tells Jhende that he has proposed to Rajanandini. He isn’t sure about the plan and says that Rajanandini might not fall for his trap. He tries to convince Jhende that she (Rajanandini) likes him. 

Later, it is shown that Vikrant and Rajanandini get married in a temple. The married couple makes way to leave until Dadasaheb creates a fuss when he comes to know that his daughter will live in a chawl and travel by taxi. Vikrant asks Dadasaheb about what they should do and he proposes that he and Rajnandini stay at their bungalow. Vikrant pretends to be insulted at first but then gives in, saying that they need to fulfil Dadasaheb’s wish.

A Still From Tula Pahate Re
Source: ZEE5

Meanwhile, Jalinder discovers that it was Gaja who had ordered to tear the file. He asks his worker to find more evidence against Gaja so that he can prove himself innocent. Jallinder vouches to catch him. Back home, Rajanandini thanks Vikrant for being cooperative and apologises for Dadasaheb’s behaviour. She says she feels it’s all a dream and hands him a book titled ‘Tula Pahate Re!’ 

Rajanandini says that she was gifted this book by Aaisaheb. She says it’s a beautiful love story and adds that she always desired to have someone like Vikrant in her life, who is the writer of the book. Gaja suggests that he will change his name to Vikrant for her. He says that now onwards, she has to call him Vikrant.

A Still From Tula Pahate Re
Source: ZEE5

The next morning, Jalinder hands over some files to Dadasaheb. He tells the latter that it has Mehta’s agreement papers that were couriered to him. Jalinder adds that the files were couriered not by their usual company but some other one.  He says that the man responsible for the blunder is Gaja. Dadsaheb tells Jalinder that things are a little complicated now since Gaja is his son-in-law. Jalinder tells him that he finds Gaja dangerous. Dadasaheb thanks him for notifying him and says that he knows how to protect his daughter from Gaja. He offers to resign the cancelled contract, which makes Jalinder happy.

The next day, Rajanandini takes Vikrant to her office and introduces him to everyone. Rajanandini gets an urgent call and leaves the cabin. The episode ends with Vikrant vouching to rule the Saranjame business. 

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