Tula Pahate Re 7 May 2019 Preview: Dadasaheb Against Rajanandini Marrying Vikrant?

In Tula Pahate Re, although Rajanandini is in love with Vikrant, her parents don't seem so keen on him.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Dadasaheb and Jalinder discuss the misunderstanding that happened between them as the latter truthfully confesses of doing no wrong. Although Dadasaheb believes him, he still asks for proof and Jalinder agrees to get it. Meanwhile, Vikrant and Rajanandini spend the whole day together as Vikrant proposes to her and walks away. She smilingly accepts his proposal.

Watch the preview below:

Vikrant and Rajanandini are slowly falling in love with each other. He tries to impress her as she shares her childhood with him. After spending time with her, Rajanandini tells her parents that she wants to get married to Gaja Patil but, they don’t seem to like the idea of him. Meanwhile, Vikrant is celebrating with Jhende that he successfully made Rajanandini have feelings for him. However, Jhende seems a bit cautious about it.

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