Tula Pahate Re 6 May 2019 Written Update: Vikrant Proposes To Rajanandini

In Tula Pahate Re, Vikrant meets Rajanandini for a date and he proposes to her.

Shilpa Tulaskar from Tula Pahate Re.

In Tula Pahate Re, after collapsing seeing Rajanandini’s picture, Isha dreams about Vikrant and Rajanandini’s story of falling in love. Waking up, she realises this is less of a dream and more of Vikrant’s past. During this, Vikrant enters the room asking her if she is alright. She is too baffled to speak as she rests. Meanwhile, Vikrant is too overconfident as he ignores Jhende’s warnings.

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In the latest episode, Rajanandini calls Vikrant to meet her at a spot. After their conversation is over, she can’t stop blushing, while Vikrant is convinced that she likes him. Meanwhile, Jalinder and Dadasaheb are discussing the discrepancies that happened in their business talks. Jalinder is trying to persuade Dadasaheb that he never tried to doublecross them. Dadasaheb believes him however he still asks him to get proof to validate his explanation. Jalinder agrees and expresses his gratitude.

Subodh Bhave from Tula Pahate Re.
Subodh Bhave from Tula Pahate Re

Rajanandini and Vikrant meet. She thanks him for warning her about Jalinder’s company. Then, they discuss business as Vikrant confesses that he has researched about all the companies before heading to Mumbai. They eat vada pav together and can’t stop staring at each other.

In the evening, Vikrant surprises Rajanandini with balloons and a bubble maker. They both talk about their childhood. She tells although she was pampered by her parents, they also made sure that she understood the value of all the things. Vikrant keeps flirting with her and finally proposes to her.

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