Tula Pahate Re 6 May 2019 Preview: Rajanandini Offers A Job To Gaja Patil

After knowing that Gaja has been sacked from his company, Rajanandini offers him a job and tells him that their company needs honest people like him.

Subodh Bhave from Tula Pahate Re.

In Tula Pahate Re’s recent episode, Isha wakes up from her dream and searches for the book she saw with Rajanandini. Jhende is worried about Baba’s warning. Seeing him worried, Vikrant tells him that he doesn’t need to worry as he has managed to gain Isha’s trust back by telling her the fake story of him and Rajanandini. Isha starts reading the book and Rajanandini’s story continues. Gaja Patil is working in office and gets a lot of files to be disposed. While doing so, he gets a file and calls Rajanandini and tells her that their contract with Jalinder’s company is a fraud. Rajanandini decides to trust him. Later at night, Gaja tells Jhende how he forged a signature on the file and created a mess.

Watch the latest episode below:

In the preview of the next episode, Rajanandini meets Gaja Patil and he tells her that Jalinder and his company have removed him from his job. Rajanandini thanks him for saving them from the fraud and in return offers him a job in Saranjame Group of Industries. She tells him that their company needs such loyal and honest people with them.

Will Rajanandini know about Gaja’s fraud? Keep watching to know more.

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