Tula Pahate Re 30 May 2019 Written Update: Jhende Tries To Disrupt Jaydeep’s Business

In Tula Pahate Re, Jhende is jealous of the way Jaydeep is taking over the company. He hires a conman to sell Jaydeep an extravagant idea.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Isha is shocked to see her parents come to Rajanandini’s place. She isn’t happy with them as they have come to stay at her place. Finally, she takes them to her bedroom with the intention of speaking to them. Meanwhile, in office, Jaydeep detects Myra’s purposeful mistake of giving him half the data. He reprimands her for it as Jhende overhears the conversation and decides to do something about it.

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Isha’s parents tell her about Mr Mane’s warning about keeping her safe. She assures them she is safe and no one can stop her from finishing Rajanandini’s mission. They try to persuade her to return with them. Meanwhile, Jhende informs Vikrant about the situation in the company in his absence. According to Vikrant’s plan, Jhende hires a man to sell Jaydeep a bogus invention and try to loot him of the riches.

Mr Paranjpe is helping Jaydeep to catch up with the business. During this, the man who is hired to con Jaydeep come to sell Jaydeep his product. But, before he can start speaking, Jaydeep asks him to get out of the office. Mr Paranjpe sees this but says nothing. Meanwhile, Sarjerao Kaka gets flowers that Rajanandini likes as he gives it to Isha. She says even Dadasaheb likes these flowers and decides to keep them in front Dadasaheb’s photograph in the office. Sarjerao Kaka admits that he sees Rajanandini in Isha’s avatar as Sonya overhears this. He tells her that he will help her in whatever ways possible.

The conman meets Jhende and tells him that his idea has failed. Jhende realises Jaydeep has stopped eating those medicines which Vikrant gave to lull him. Mr Paranjpe overhears this conversation. Sonya tells Jaydeep the conversation she has heard between Isha and Sarjerao Kaka, but he doesn’t bother to react. Sonya thinks Isha is mentally dipping.

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