Tula Pahate Re 3 July 2019 Written Update: Isha Tells Her Parents That She Is Pregnant

In Tula Pahate Re, Isha apologises for keeping it a secret and then explains why she had to keep it hidden from them.

Scene from Tula Pahate Re.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Mr Nimkar is upset with Isha’s secrecy. He didn’t see Isha’s behavioural change coming through this soon.  Mr Nimkar is frustrated as he bursts out at Mrs Nimkar. Isha’s mother, on the other hand, is a lot more understanding. As Isha calls them, Mr Nimkar tells her that she is not their daughter as she is Rajanandini and hangs up the call. Meanwhile, Jhende is thinking of different plans to meet Vikrant. He is becoming increasingly desperate. Then, Jhende decides to take Vikrant out of the Saranjame house.

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Isha is upset with Rupali that the latter’s mother came to know about her pregnancy. Rupali asks Isha to speak to Mr and Mrs Nimkar personally. Isha lies to Aaisaheb and goes to her parents’ place. After she steps out of the house, Jhende’s spy updates him of this news. As Isha is about to enter the house, Mr Nimkar stops her. He says she can only enter the house if she is Isha. If she is coming as Rajanandini then she has no place in that home. He believes when she transforms into Rajanandini, she forgets her parents. Isha has to wait outside the house.

Jhende’s men come dressed as doctors and take Vikrant to the hospital. Meanwhile, Isha’s father allows her to enter inside. She comes clean about her pregnancy and apologises for hiding it from her parents. Then, Mrs and Mrs Nimkar along with Isha have a heart to heart chat.

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