Tula Pahate Re 29 March 2019 Preview: Aaisaheb Collapses After Knowing Vikrant’s Truth

Mrs Nimkar tells Aaisaheh that Gaja Patil has been arrested.

Subodh Bhave in Tula Pahate Re scene.

In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Jhende informs Vikrant that he has found a man who would become ‘Gaja Patil’. On the other hand, Myra tells Vikrant that Isha has come to the office and she is in a meeting with Mr Paranjpe. Vikrant is irritated hearing this. He quickly calls Isha to inform her that he has caught Gaja Patil and asks her to not discuss this matter with Mr Paranjpe. She listens to him and quickly goes to see the corrupt man.

Watch the latest episode below:

Aaisaheb is proud of Isha for her intensive search of the corrupt person. While she is congratulating Isha, Mrs Nimkar interrupts and says that Gaja Patil will rot behind the bars. He was the one who committed the crime. On hearing this, Aaisaheb collapses. In the next scene, Vikrant is interrogating the matter with Mrs Nimkar. She says that Isha mentioned Vikrant congratulated her and after catching Gaja Patil. He has an angry expression.

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