Tula Pahate Re 28 February 2019 Written Update: Isha And Rajanandini’s Connection Revealed

Isha is disturbed due to the issues in the company. Meanwhile, Mrs Nimkar reveals a shocking truth to Vikrant.

Gayatri Datar in a scene from Tula Pahate Re.

The latest episode of Tula Pahate Re on ZEE5 begins with Isha wondering about Vikrant’s whereabouts.  She calls Jhende but his phone is switched off. A tensed Isha speaks to her mom and realises that Vikrant is spending time with her mother. He tells Isha that since she is handling business, it’s his responsibility to look after her parents. Vikrant plans to surprise Mr Nimkar by taking his lunch to his shop as it is his first day there.

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On reaching office, Isha gets the news of problems arising with the Labour Union. Since Vikrant is absent, she has to take over. Isha, in Myra’s presence, has a meeting with the Union. They are disappointed and angry that Saranjame Industries has decided to shut down the unit. Myra blames it on Isha and asks them to confront her about it. The Labour Union threatens Isha that all the labourers will go on a massive strike if the unit is shut down. The company will not be spared. Isha and Myra are gravely disturbed hearing this.

A still from Tula Pahate Re.
A still from Tula Pahate Re.

As Isha’s mom packs the dabba, she feels awkward to send it with her son-in-law. But, Vikrant convinces her saying they are a family, she shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about him doing this. She also gives him angara to apply on Isha’s forehead. Mrs Nimkar tells Vikrant that during every Ashtami Isha is sleepless because of the nightmares, she only sleeps peacefully after angara is applied.

The Labour Union tells Isha that shutting down one unit and transferring the workers isn’t going to work. Isha asks the workers to write their grievances on paper and give it to her. She will think about it and see what to do.

A still from Tula Pahate Re.
A still from Tula Pahate Re.

Instead of taking the dabba to Mr Nimkar’s shop, Vikrant takes it with him and sends pizzas to Mr Nimkar’s shop. When Isha’s mom asks him about the food, Vikrant lies saying he is eating the dabba, but, in reality, he is feeding it to Jhende. He, also, tells Mrs Nimkar that he loves the food while making fun of it in front of Jhende. Vikrant, then, reveals to Jhende about Isha’s behaviour during Ashtami. He thinks it’s a coincidence that it was during Ashtami when Rajanandini passed away.

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