Tula Pahate Re 27 May 2019 Written Update: Sonya Wants To Take Isha To A Psychiatrist

In Tula Pahate Re, the sudden change in Isha's behaviour makes Sonya think that something is mentally wrong with Isha.

In Tula Pahate Re’s recent episode, Isha’s parents are worried if she has reached safely. As they are discussing this, the psychiatrist and his assistant Mr Mane reach Nimkar’s house. The assistant confesses whatever Isha accused him of is true. Mr Mane says 25 years back, he had changed the postmortem reports of Dadasaheb Saranjame after being bribed by Vikrant. The doctor is shocked and so are Isha’s parents after hearing this. The doctor asks if Isha has behaved weirdly before this, Mr Nimkar tells her interactions have changed after she saw the dream. In return, the doctor replies that he has never encountered the possibility of rebirth. Meanwhile, Jhende’s spy informs him about this visit.

Watch the latest episode below:

At the Saranjame house, Isha touches Jaydeep’s cheek and promises him that she will never leave the house again. Similarly, with Sonya, Isha hugs her and asks her about her well-being. Isha apologises to Aaisaheb says that she will always be a part of this house. After this, Isha says their house has always been filled with happiness and they don’t need to wait for Vikrant to enjoy themselves. Meanwhile, Mrs Nimkar informs Isha about the doctor’s visit. Mr and Mrs Nimkar both consider the possibility of rebirth, too. Isha tells her parents that she and Rajanandini are different avatars and one soul. She has never been indebted to anyone, why would she stay silent with Vikrant.

Sonya and Jaydeep are wondering about Isha’s sudden change in behaviour. Sonya decides they both need to help Isha as she might need it. Meanwhile, Isha confronts Sarjerao Kaka and asks him about his son’s well-being exactly the same way Rajanandnini had!

What will Isha do after exposing the real identity of Vikrant aka Gaja? Keep watching to know more.

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