Tula Pahate Re 27 May 2019 Preview: Isha Swears To Get Happiness In The House

In Tula Pahate Re, after talking to Rajanandini, Isha decides to bring happiness back in the house.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Isha returns to Rajanandini’s house as she is greeted by Aaisaheb and Sarjerao Kaka. She, then, goes to her room and Rajanandini appears in front of her. She tells Isha that they both are the same which is why Isha saw Rajanandini’s reflection in the plate full of water. She says Rajanandini was her name in the last birth and in this birth her name is Isha. After Vikrant broke her trust, she shocked to such an extent that she had to take rebirth in Isha’s form to take revenge on Vikrant.

Watch the preview below:

Isha goes down and meets Jaydeep and Sonya after a long time. After her chat with Rajanandini, she talks to both of them with a new zeal. Isha assures Jaydeep that they will make this house a happy place again just like the old times. Aaisaheb and Jaydeep are surprised to Isha as if they are seeing her from a new perspective.

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