Tula Pahate Re 26 March 2019 Preview: Isha Wants To File A Complaint Against Gaja Patil?

Isha reveals to Vikrant about Rajesh.

Isha Nimkar and Vikrant Saranjame in a scene from Tula Pahate Re.

On Tula Pahate Re’s episode, after receiving a message from Rajesh, Isha comes into Vikrant’s cabin and tells the name of the corrupt person to Jhende and Vikrant. She says that the name of the person is Gaja Patil. Hearing this, Vikrant and Jhende are shocked. Isha then tells Vikrant to come with her to the police station to file a complaint against Gaja Patil. Vikrant stops her from doing so and tells her to calm down. He then creates a fake story about Gaja Patil and tells Isha to trust them as they will handle Gaja Patil.

Watch the latest episode below:

Isha asks about Gaja Patil to Vikrant. She wants to see him convicted as he has created havoc in the company. But, Vikrant is too irritated to listen to her. Also, she tells him that Rajesh put his life in danger just to reveal this. Vikrant has a shocked expression on hearing this.

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