Tula Pahate Re 25 March 2019 Preview: Sonya And Isha To Find Out Vikrant’s Secret?

Isha sees Vikrant going to the room. Sonya tells Isha to open the door to find out the truth.

Gayatri Datar and Subodh Bhave in a scene from Tula Pahate Re

In today’s episode, we see Isha is excited to tell everyone about the fraudster but Vikrant tells her to not to do so. Isha then smartly tries to change the topic but Sonya catches her and asks the name of the fraudster. Isha somehow manages to escape from the situation. Vikrant, on the other hand, tells Jhende to bring a fake Gaja Patil into the picture.

In the preview of the next episode of Tula Pahate Re, we see Isha following Vikrant as he goes to the locked room where no one is allowed to enter. Later, Sonya comes and asks Isha why is she standing near the door, Isha then tells her that she saw Vikrant going to the room. Hearing this Sonya tells her that there is no point in arguing here rather she suggests to open the door and find out the truth.

Watch the preview below:

In the next scene, Vikrant and Jhende come to meet Rajesh as he is seen playing with his kid. As soon as he sees both of them he gets scared as he has disclosed the secret to Isha.

Will Sonya and Isha find out what is inside the room?

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