Tula Pahate Re 24 May 2019 Written Update: Mr Mane Admits Isha’s Visions Are True

In Tula Pahate Re, the receptionist, whom Isha had questioned, confesses that whatever she said about him is true.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Jhende’s spy inquires about Isha from the receptionist but he doesn’t get any information. Meanwhile, Isha who is inside the cabin with the doctor tells him that she will find proofs and prove it to him that whatever she is saying is true. Jhende’s spy tells him about Isha’s condition as he gets curious. After reaching home, Mr Nimkar tells Mrs Nimkar about the doctor’s diagnosis. He shares the incident where Isha recognised the receptionist who appeared in her dreams. This worries Mrs Nimkar about her daughter’s mental condition.

Watch the recent episode below:

Isha has taken the challenge of proving her side is true, for that she has to go back to Rajanandini’s house. Although her parents are against it, she doesn’t listen and goes on her mission. Meanwhile, Bipin and Rupali inquire about Isha’s condition from Mr Nimkar. He tells them everything as they take it in. They still don’t know whether to believe Isha. Meanwhile, at the psychiatrist’s clinic, the receptionist, Mr Mane goes to speak to the doctor. He confesses that whatever Isha said about him tampering the reports is true. Back in the day, when he was in a dire need of money, Vikrant had asked him to change the postmortem reports and he had done so.

The doctor is shocked after hearing this as Isha could not have known something that old. As Mr Mane has never met Isha before, he too could not have told her. Mr Mane is panicking and admits that Rajanandini was baited by Vikrant very badly. He says maybe Rajanandini has taken rebirth in Isha’s form to avenge Vikrant. Meanwhile, Isha has gone back to the Saranjame bungalow. There she remembers Rajanandini’s story in that house.

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