Tula Pahate Re 23 March 2019 Written Update: Vikrant To Introduce A Fake Gaja Patil?

Vikrant manages to manipulate Isha to not to tell about Gaja Patil to anyone.

Vikrant and Jhende in a scene from Tula Pahate Re.

In today’s episode of Tula Pahate Re, after receiving a message from Rajesh, Isha comes into Vikrant’s cabin and tells the name of the corrupt person to Jhende and Vikrant. Isha says that the name of the person is Gaja Patil. Hearing this, Vikrant and Jhende are shocked. Isha then tells Vikrant to come with her to the police station to file a complaint against Gaja Patil. Vikrant stops her from doing so and tells her to calm down. He then creates a fake story about Gaja Patil and tells Isha to calm down and keep trust on them as they will handle Gaja Patil. After Isha leaves office, Jhende brings coffee for Vikrant and tells him that if Isha tells this to Aaisaheb then it would create a problem as Aaisaheb knows that Vikrant is Gaja Patil. Hearing this, Vikrant rushes to go home.

Watch the episode below:

Isha comes home and meets Aaisaheb and tells her that she knows the name of the fraud person and the moment she is about to reveal the name to Aaisaheb, the phone rings and Isha picks it up. Vikrant who is on the other end tells Isha to not to tell anyone about anything and asks her to come to meet him immediately.

Isha comes out and finds out that Vikrant is waiting for her in the car. He then tells her that he has come to congratulate her and is also proud of her. While talking about the same, he tells her that she should not tell about the fraudster to anyone as Aaisaheb will worry about it.

Jaydeep and Sonya come to meet Aaisaheb and Isha but Aaisaheb tells them that Isha has gone out. She then tells Jaydeep that Isha has found out the name of the fraudster. While they are talking, Isha comes in and tells everyone that Vikrant came to meet her to congratulate her. Sonya and Jaydeep ask her to tell the name of the fraudster but Isha avoids the topic and doesn’t reveal the name as instructed by Vikrant. Isha then goes to the kitchen but Sonya follows her and interrogates Isha for the name. Isha doesn’t listen to Sonya and keeps the name to herself.

Meanwhile, in the office, Vikrant tells Jhende to close Gaja Patil’s matter. Confused on how to do it Jhende questions Vikrant. Upon asking this, Vikrant tells him to bring a fake person as Gaja Patil. 

Will Isha tell anyone about Gaja Patil or will Vikrant successfully fool everyone about his true identity?

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