Tula Pahate Re 23 February Preview: Will Aaisaheb Accept Isha As Rajanandini?

Jhende congratulates Vikrant on the success of his plan.

A still from Tula Pahate Re.

In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, we saw Aaisaheb exiting the room shocked looking at Isha’s report card. She is followed by Jhende. Before that, she is also surprised when Jaydeep suggests they ring in Isha’s graduation by making aamras bhaat.

Watch the quick glimpse below:

The sneak peek shows Jhende giving his nod of approval to Vikrant’s devious plan to make Isha the next Rajanandini. He assures that Vikrant is on track. Vikrant, in turn, tells him that the games have just begun and slowly even Aaisaheb will accept Isha as Rajanandini. Vikrant is seen basking in the glory of his plan being successful. He admits to himself confidently that he always plays to win.

A still from Tula Pahate Re on ZEE5.
A still from Tula Pahate Re on ZEE5.

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