Tula Pahate Re 22 April 2019 Preview: Is Rajanandini The Answer To Isha’s Puzzle?

In Tula Pahate Re's today's episode, Isha wants to know who the woman in the picture. Meanwhile, Vikrant and Myra get close to each other.

A scene from Tula Pahate Re.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, for Isha’s help, Rupali and Bipin get a sketch artist to draw the woman Isha had seen in the plate full of water. As the picture is drawn, it turns out, the woman is also wearing the same necklace what was given to her by Aaisaheb. This necklace was previously owned by Rajanandini. So, Isha guesses the woman in the picture is Rajanandini. Meanwhile, Jhende asks his man to spy on Isha without telling Vikrant. In Jhende’s absence, Vikrant and Myra get close.

Watch the preview below:

Isha and Rupali are curious to know who the woman in Isha’s dreams is. She suspects it is Rajanandini, but she isn’t sure. To confirm her doubt, she goes back to the jogwa lady asking for help. Jogwa lady keeps smiling at her as Isha is pleading to know the person who in the sketch that she has.

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