Tula Pahate Re 20 May 2019 Preview: Isha’s Parents Unwilling To Send Her To Vikrant

In Tula Pahate Re, Isha's parents want her to stay away from her husband. But, she wants to seek answers to her questions as she decides to return.

A Still Of Subodh Bhave From Tula Pahate Re

In Tula Pahate Re’s recent episode, Isha reaches her parents’ place in a lost state of mind. After a bit, she starts telling them that she is Rajanandini’s rebirth. Isha divulges how Vikrant’s name was changed from Gaja Patil to Vikrant Saranjame by Rajanandini. She goes on to reveal all of Vikrant’s lies and his hand in Dadasaheb and Rajanandini’s murder along with Jalinder’s arrest. Isha’s parents are worried about their daughter’s sanity but she says she saw Rajanandini’s past in her dreams.

Watch the preview below:

The next day, in the morning, Isha’s father refuses to send her back to Vikrant’s place. Her parents have decided he is too dangerous to be around Isha. However, Isha tells them she has to go to seek answers to her questions. As they are speaking about this topic, Aaisaheb enters from behind.

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