Tula Pahate Re 20 March 2019 Preview: Will Isha Ever Forgive Vikrant For This Cruel Act?

Everyone is celebrating Holi at Isha's parents' place.

In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Mrs Nimkar is stressed about Vikrant’s special room. Although Mr Nimkar doesn’t think too much about it, Mrs Nimkar is suspicious about the whole matter. Isha finds the saree which Vikrant had hidden from her. As she wears it, Vikrant screams at her to change it. He creates a scene in front of the Aaisaheb and Jaydeep while making Isha cry. Aaisaheb asks him to apologise and hints that even he is finding similarities between her and Rajanadini.

Watch the preview below:

Everyone is at Isha’s parents’ place to celebrate Holi. Isha confesses to Aaisaheb that she scared of playing with colours. In her childhood, every time anyone used to apply colour on her she used to scream and hide in the attic. They all smiling hearing her confession. Meanwhile, Vikrant comes from behind and calls Isha. He applies gulal on her cheeks as she is shocked.

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