Tula Pahate Re 20 July 2019 Written Update: Vikrant Meets His Fate

Tap here to know how Isha and Vikrant's epic love story ended!

Scene from Tula Pahate Re.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Isha gets a call from Vikrant asking to meet her on the terrace. She instantly remembers when Vikrant had murdered Rajanandini by pushing her off the terrace. Aaisaheb forbids Isha from going but the latter still goes to face Vikrant. She assures Aaisaheb that she will be safe. After Isha reaches, Vikrant makes sure it is Isha and not Rajanandini who has come to meet him.

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Vikrant asks Isha the definition of love according to her. Isha replies for her love is caring for each other, getting angry with your partner and finally, she defines love as ‘Vikrant Sir’. She admits that because of him she came alive and learnt to be confident. Vikrant confesses that before Isha came along he didn’t understand love.

Vikrant says Rajanandini loved him but he didn’t reciprocate the same feelings. He was ambitious to become rich when she entered his life. He recollects his first meeting with Isha which altered his thinking. Isha is given credit for changing Vikrant’s attitude and giving him a second chance at life. Suddenly, Vikrant holds Isha by her hair and says she shouldn’t have treated him this way. She is shocked to know her husband killed his best friend, Jhende, and Jalinder. Then, Vikrant softens and tells Isha the future of their relationship is the child that she is carrying. He proposes to her again by going down one knee.

Vikrant loudly proclaims that no one can ever stand against him as he is smarter than anyone out there. Finally, he jumps down the terrace and meets his death. The following day, Isha tells the Saranjames, that she is going back to her own house. Now that Rajanandini got peace, there is no purpose of her staying in the bungalow.

Fast forward in the future, Isha has successfully established her catering business.

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