Tula Pahate Re 19 March 2019 Preview: Jaydeep Knows Isha’s Connection To Rajanandini?

Aaisaheb can't stop connecting the dots.

A scene from Tula Pahate Re

In Tula Pahate Re, even after Vikrant’s persuasion, Aaisaheb can’t stop linking Isha to Rajanandini. In Isha’s absence from the house, she can’t sleep peacefully. She feels the same thing used to happen when Rajanandini was there in the Saranjame house. Her instincts tell her that through Isha’s avatar Vikrant’s first wife is back.

Watch the spoiler below:

We see Aaisaheb has realised Isha was born exactly nine months after Rajanandini died. She shares this knowledge with Jaydeep, who seems sceptical much unlike Aaisaheb. Isha overhears this conversation and asks who they are talking about. Aaisaheb quickly dismisses this question and inquires why Isha isn’t ready for Holi. She reveals that since childhood she has never played during the festival. Hearing this, Aaisaheb and Jaydeep are shocked because Rajanandini used to enjoy celebrating with colours.

If Isha is Rajajanandini, why don’t they have similar tastes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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