Tula Pahate Re 18 May 2019 Written Update: Isha’s Dreams Show Vikrant Murdered Rajanandini

In Tula Pahate Re, Isha dreams that Vikrant pushed Rajanadnini from the bungalow.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate, Vikrant lies to Rajanandini about Dadsaheb. He says her father threatened to call the cops on him which is why he had to kill Dadasaheb. Rajanandini doesn’t listen to him. She accuses him of being a liar and reminds him how much she loved and trusted him. Vikrant goes on apologising to her and asking for another chance, but she is too reluctant to be sympathetic towards him. Rajanandini regrets trusting him as Vikrant replies he is only forgiving her.

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Vikrant tells Rajanandini if she wants to meet Dadasaheb so badly he will make her meet him. As she runs away from there Vikrant chases her and chokes her. He, then, pushes her from the terrace and Rajanandini dies. In the next scene, Isha wakes up from her dreams confused and denying what she just saw. Isha can’t believe that Rajanandini died in such a horrific way.  Meanwhile, Jaydeep, Sonya and Aaisaheb are worried about Isha’s health as Aaisaheb goes to see Isha. But, she isn’t in her room and has gone for a stroll.

Isha goes to Jogwin wondering if the dream she saw was real and why she has been having such dreams. After seeing the dreams, Isha recognises Rajanandini’s face from the plate of water. She tells Jogwin, everything first started after seeing Rajanandini’s face in the plate of water. As always, Jogwin is very cryptic about her answers and Isha is left confused about her identity. Finally, Jogwin says she should have faith in the Goddess as she never lies.

Vikrant is worried about Isha’s whereabouts. As Isha is walking on the road, she can’t stop thinking about the incident which links her to Rajanandini as there are many. Finally, in her chain of thoughts, Isha reaches her parents’ place.

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