Tula Pahate Re 17 April 2019 Written Update: Isha Sees Rajanandini For The First Time

In Tula Pahate Re, Isha is saved by a fortuneteller. During this meeting, she sees Rajanandini's face in the plate full of water.

A scene from Tula Pahate Re

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Isha is walking while being engrossed in her thoughts as the truck comes from behind. Isha can’t hear its honking but she is saved by a jogwa lady. At Isha’s house, Aaisaheb and Jaydeep come to take her back home. Everyone is worried about her. Rupali and Bipin go in search of her. They decide to not inform Vikrant about it, fearing his reaction.

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Isha confesses to the jogwa lady that she wants to die. In that state of mind, Isha tells she has lost all the faith in Vikrant. Isha is told that she has a meaning in this life that is why she is born. She feels like she has lost purpose. Isha feels everything is over and hates Vikrant for it. The jogwa lady helps Isha by asking devi about her future. While crying, Isha is asked to close her eyes and pray to the goddess. Then, she touches the plate full of water with haldi-kunku.

Shilpa Tulaskar in scene a from Tula Pahate Re.
Shilpa Tulaskar in scene a from Tula Pahate Re.

Isha is praying in front of the goddess. Slowly, she sees Rajanandini’s reflection in the plate full of water. She has a confused expression on her face and she starts praying again. Meanwhile, Isha’s parents are looking for her and calling their closed ones asking about her. During their conversation, Isha enters with the jogwa lady. After coming home, she directly goes to sleep.

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