Tula Pahate Re 16 May 2019 Preview: Vikrant’s Strange Behaviour Shocks Rajanandini

In Tula Pahate Re, after a talk with Jalinder, Rajanandini starts doubting Vikrant's every move.

scene from Tula Pahate Re (2)

In Tula Pahate Re’s recent episode, Rajanandini grows suspicious of Vikrant’s agenda. But, Vikrant lies to her saying that he and Dadasaheb were close. Her father wanted him to govern the Saranjame business and it was Vikrant who asked Dadasaheb to not be a part of the property. Rajanandini is left in tears after hearing this. Just as she is about to start trusting Vikrant, Sarjerao Kaka’s weird behaviour makes her suspect Vikrant all over again. Meanwhile, Jhende and Vikrant make the police arrest Jalinder for murder committed by Jhende.

Watch the preview below:

Vikrant comes to the office and removes Dadasaheb’s photograph. He instructs everyone to not hang this up ever again. As Mr Paranjpe goes to stop him, Jhende threatens him. This is followed by Rajanandini’s entry in the office. She asks Mr Paranjpe about her father’s photograph and she is told the truth by him.

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