Tula Pahate Re 15 March 2019 Written Update: Vikrant Collapses, Isha Rushes To The Office 

Vikrant is extremely worried about Isha's disappearance. He warns Jhende to find her out at any cost. 

A still from Tula Pahate Re

In yesterday’s episode of Tula Pahate Re, we saw Isha going missing after Vikrant’s return. Everyone at the Saranjame household is extremely worried about Isha. While Sonya and Jaydeep want to file a complaint Aaisaheb stops them. Aaisaheb questions Vikrant about his disappearance and warns Vikrant about it. She also gives him an earful and tells him that if anything happens to Isha, she will never forgive him. On the other hand, Vikrant is seen going crazy as he is looking out for Isha.

Today’s episode began with Sonya and Jaydeep being concerned about Isha going missing. They are later called after which they find out that Isha is at home and is not missing. While Jaydeep is relieved to see Isha back, Sonya seems irritated. Isha then reveals that she was at home and Aaisaheb was a part of this plan. When Sonya asks Isha why she did it, she tells her that she did it to teach Vikrant a lesson because he should also realise how people feel. Sonya applauds this move and tells her that she is impressed. To this, Isha adds, Vikrant will be happy to see her home.

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At the office, the situation is tense. Jhende calls someone and asks them to look for Isha. Vikrant grabs his collar and asks him her whereabouts. Vikrant is restless because they are unable to find Isha. Looking at this Jhende asks Vikrant if he has really fallen for Isha. Jhende tries to calm him down by telling that she shall be back soon. To this, Vikrant tells Jhende, Isha cannot disappear like this as he has taken efforts to impress her for the last seven to eight months. Vikrant tells Jhende he got married to Isha only to make her Rajanandini. He warns Jhende that she cannot go missing like the way she did. Amidst all of this, Vikrant collapses.

Isha, Vikrant and Aaisaheb in a still from Tula Pahate Re
Source: ZEE5

On the other hand at the Saranjame house, Aaisaheb tells Isha they shouldn’t test Vikrant’s patience. Sonya intervenes and tells that the drama should continue for a while so Vikrant realises the family’s worth. During this, Isha gets a call from the office. While Isha is about to answer it, Sonya tells them Jaydeep should answer the phone to create tension. But Isha tells them it would be better if she takes the call. In all of this, the phone gets disconnected. When the phone rings again, Isha answers the call and is worried. After finishing the call, Isha tells Aaisaheb, Jaydeep and Sonya that she has to rush to the office as Vikrant is unwell. Jaydeep and Isha rush to the office.

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