Tula Pahate Re 15 March 2019 Preview: Myra Threatens Isha As Vikrant Collapses

Vikrant gets hyper in Isha's absence.

Vikrant and Jhende from Tula Pahate Re

In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Vikrant is worried about Isha’s whereabouts.  He realises that she is missing after Rupali breaks down and tells him the truth. At the Saranjame bungalow, everyone is concerned about Isha, too. Aaisaheb threatens him if something happens to her, she will never forgive him as Isha is now their responsibility. At home, Sonya and Jaydeep are about to file a missing report at the police station but Aaisaheb stops them. Vikrant goes on roads looking for Isha.

Watch the preview below:

Vikrant is frantic that his wife has gone missing. He confesses to Jhende that he only married her to make her Rajanandini. In her absence, his whole plan will fall apart. As he is screaming, Vikrant collapses. Meanwhile, Myra threatens Isha if something happens to him, she will have to face her.

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