Tula Pahate Re 14 March 2019 Preview: Isha Goes Missing, Vikrant Shocked

Aaisaheb is angry with Vikrant.

Subodh Bhave in Tula Pahate Re

Vikrant finally returns to Isha after disappearing for two days in Tula Pahate Re. When Zhende asks him about his whereabouts he tells him that he had gone to Pune. After he meets Isha at the temple, she isn’t pleased that he left just like that. Even though he tells her reason, she doesn’t want to hear anything. Her parents try to convince her, she screams back at them for siding with Vikrant.

Watch the sneak peek below:

In the preview, Vikrant visits Isha’s parents to meet her. But, they say she isn’t there. He replies when he had called she was there with them. So, Mr  Nimkar nods and informs him Isha then left. Vikrant goes home, as Aaisaheb angrily questions his whereabouts for the past days. He asks them about Isha and Jaydeep says they are worried because they can’t find her, too.

Is Isha playing Vikrant’s trick on him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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