Tula Pahate Re 13 May 2019 Written Update: Vikrant To Get Nothing From Saranjame Property

In Tula Pahate Re, Dadasaheb specifically mentions in the will to not give Vikrant even a small chunk of the property.

A scene from Tula Pahate Re.

In Tula Pahate Re’s recent episode, Vikrant is celebrating that Dadasaheb is dead and he is the sole owner of the Saranjame Group Of Industries. He and Jhende mock Rajanandini’s innocence to believe him. Meanwhile, at home, the lawyer calls Rajanandini to make changes in Dadsaheb’s will. He says Dadasaheb has done it one day prior to his death. While, in the office, everyone is paying their last respects to Dadasaheb, Vikrant pretends to upset.

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The lawyer calls Rajanandini alone to meet him as instructed to him by Dadasaheb.  She is surprised that Dadasaheb was thinking about his death exactly a day before he passed away. The lawyer tells initially Dadasaheb had divided the estate into two halves, one part for Jaydeep and his wife and the other half for Rajanandini and her husband. But, at the last moment, he changed the whole property to Rajanandini’s name. However, he mentioned that no chunk of the property will go to Vikrant’s name.

On the other hand, Vikrant is worried about Rajanandini‘s absence as she didn’t tell him her whereabouts. Rajanandini transfers all the estate in Jaydeep and Aaisaheb’s name. She comes home to inform Vikrant and Aaisaheb this news. After hearing this, Aaisaheb is shocked while Vikrant rolls his eyes at this. Rajanandini says she and Vikrant are not interested in the property whatever he earns and brings home is theirs. As she asks Vikrant about his consent, he pretends to agree with this decision.

Vikrant takes Aaisaheb to the room as she confesses of being guilty. She wants to go to the police and tell the truth but Vikrant stops her from doing so. He asks her to think about the young Jaydeep who has only just lost his father will lose his mother too. But, the guilt is eating her from inside. Then, Vikrant promises her that the postmortem reports will be a secret between both of them.

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