Tula Pahate Re 13 April 2019 Written Update: Jalinder Reveals Vikrant’s Secrets To Isha

Isha meets Jalinder and he tells her how he tried to tell her the truth but she ignored him every time.

Isha and Virkant in a scene from Tula Pahate Re.

In today’s episode of Tula Pahate Re, we see Isha calling Jalinder to know Vikrant’s reality. Initially Jalinder doesn’t receive her call, but Isha keeps trying and the third time, he receives the call. Isha requests him to meet as she needs to know the truth. Jalinder tells her that they can meet but she has to keep her mobile at home and come alone. 

Watch the episode below:

In office, Vikrant is irritated over Jhende as his phone is not reachable and he wants to talk to him. Myra comes in his cabin and asks Vikrant to smile as she has a piece of good news for him. Vikrant gets confused and asks her to clarify. Myra tells him that he has once again won the business tycoon of the year awarf. 

At home, Isha is not sure if she should go to meet Jalinder. She then decides to go and meet him or else she will never be able to know the truth. She then lies to her parents saying she is going to meet her college friend. Isha leaves the house and keeps her mobile phone at home.

Vikrant comes home and tells the good news about him being awarded to Aaisaheb, Jaydeep and Sonya. Everybody is happy to hear this but Aaisaheb misses Isha. She then tells Vikrant to call her and tell her the good news. Vikrant calls Isha but as she left her phone at home, her mother receives the call and tells Vikrant that Isha forgot her mobile at home.

Isha meets Jalinder. He then tells her  Vikrant’s real identity is Gajendra aka Gaja Patil. He also tells her that not only his name but everything about him is a lie. The way he made Isha trust him, even Jalinder once trusted him and because of him, Jalinder lost all he had and his wife passed away. He tells her not to trust him anymore and keep an eye on everything that happens around her and leaves.

What will Isha do after the real identity of Vikrant aka Gaja? Keep watching to know more.

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