Tula Pahate Re 12 March 2019 Preview: Sonya And Jaydeep Reveal Isha’s Secret To Her Mom?

Mr and Mrs Nimkar know Vikrant has moved out of anger.

Jaydeep and Sonya in a scene from Tula Pahate Re.

Isha’s parents suspect that Isha is hiding something from them in Tula Pahate Re. She isn’t talking about Vikrant to them or neither is she speaking to him over the phone. Isha lies to Mr and Mrs Nimkar that all’s well between them. She also gets irritated because of their constant intervention.

Watch the latest preview below:

In the sneak peek, Isha returns from work with a bouquet of red roses. Mrs Nimkar asks her who gave her these flowers to which Isha replies that Vikrant surprised her. Isha sees Jaydeep and Sonya who are already present there. Her mother tells to stop saying anything further as Isha looks confused. Mrs Nimkar says they know the truth about Vikrant leaving the house angrily.

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