Tula Pahate Re 11 May 2019 Written Update: Isha Knows Vikrant Blackmailed Aaisaheb?

In Tula Pahate Re, Isha wakes up from the dreams getting to know that it is Vikrant who killed Dadasaheb.

A scene from Tula Pahate Re.

In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Dadasaheb passes away as Vikrant consoles Rajanadini. He asks her to follow the legacy laid by Dadasaheb. During this conversation, the post mortem reports are delivered as Vikrant gives an evil smile. He has tampered the reports and Sarjerao Kaka sees Vikrant do it. Followed by this, Vikrant goes to Aaisaheb to tell her the reason behind Dadasaheb’s death. According to reports, Dadasaheb died because a wrong dose was administered to him. He wonders how smart man like Dadasaheb didn’t realise he was taking a wrong medicine without knowing.

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A shocked Aaisaheb reveals to Vikrant that she had given Dadasaheb his last medicinal dose and starts crying. Vikrant pretends to be surprised and upset. During this Isha wakes up from her dream, as Aaisaheb enters. Isha, who has seen the flashback, keeps staring at Aaisaheb who is worried about Isha’s well-being.

We are again taken into a flashback, as Vikrant is seen consoling Aaisaheb. He blackmails her saying this could be punishable by law. An upset Aaisaheb says she is ready to be punished for the life she has taken. Vikrant, who is surprised, says he has a plan. He promises this will be a secret between both of them as he will protect her, but in exchange, she will have to listen to him and behave according to his wishes. Aaisaheb tells Vikrant he is her and Rajanandini’s saviour.

Jhende goes to Sarjerao Kaka who wants to submit Vikrant and Jhende to the police. Jhende threatens him if he does so, they will kill his son like they have killed Dadasaheb. Jhende, then, confesses to Sarjerao Kaka that he changed Dadasaheb’s medicine. They ask to keep his mouth shut. Jhende assures that Vikrant will take the responsibility of his son’s education but if Sarjerao tells anything, his son will be assassinated. Meanwhile, Vikrant tries to cheer up a distraught Rajanandini. He lies that Dadasaheb passed away due to heart failure.

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