Tula Pahate Re 11 June 2019 Written Update: Isha Proves Vikrant Involved Myra In His Fraud

In Tula Pahate Re, Isha has proof of papers of illegal projects which has Myra's signature on it.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Jhende tries to escape the office but Jaydeep stops him. Isha takes Myra to the Saranjame house for dinner. Then, she asks Myra to follow her to Vikrant’s special room and orders her to keep her purse and phone outside the room. Isha also asks Myra to remove her footwear. Myra is irritated because of the rules and regulations imposed upon her by Isha.

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As Myra enters the room, she tells Isha that she trusts Vikrant because she has known him for a long time. Myra asks Isha the reason why she is revealing all this information to her as it is making her uncomfortable. Isha quickly apologises and says that Rajanandini is coming to meet her.

Isha informs Myra that she is Rajanandini. She then goes on to tell Vikrant’s story before Myra joined the office. She starts with Vikrant’s real identity of Gaja Patil which is followed by his fraud at Jalinder’s company. Isha also speaks about Dadashaeb’s doubts about Vikrant which turned out to be true. Myra is told about Jhende’s part in killing Dadasaheb.

Jhende, who is calling Myra, speaks to Sonya after she answers Myra’s phone. Suddenly, Myra starts laughing and doesn’t believe a word that Isha says. She thinks Isha is stupid and needs sympathy. Then, Isha gives Myra a file of papers which has only Myra’s signature on it. All these papers are of the illegal projects that Saranjame Group of Industries has done in the past. Cunningly, these papers don’t have signatures of Jhende and Vikrant on it, so it is Myra who could get trapped.

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