Tula Pahate Re 10 May 2019 Preview: Vikrant Decides To Kill Dadasaheb?

In Tula Pahate Re, Dadasaheb treats Vikrant like a clerk and is not accepting of him. He decides to test Vikrant to see his sense in business.

In Tula Pahate Re’s recent episode, Vikrant offers Jhende a job in Saranjame Company. Jhende, who isn’t educated enough, is overwhelmed with all the responsibilities bestowed upon him. Meanwhile, the employees go on a strike because of which the company’s work has come to a standstill. Dadasaheb doesn’t intervene as he wants to see how Vikrant handles this. The next day, after getting to know this, Vikrant goes and fights with the employees complicating the situation. Due to this, Rajanandini is forced to step in.

Watch the preview below:

Dadasaheb scolds Vikrant for fighting with the employees. He thinks this is a lowly behaviour from his own kin. Vikrant says they shouldn’t have been rude to him as he the head of the company. After hearing this, Dadasaheb says that Vikrant is not the owner of the company, he is. He tells Vikrant that he is the clerk in the company and to never forget his status. Meanwhile, Vikrant is seen planning against Dadasaheb with Jhende. He wants to kill Dadasaheb.

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