Tula Pahate Re 10 July 2019 Preview: Jalinder Dies In Front Of Vikrant While Helping Isha

In Tula Pahate Re, Jalinder, who is caught in a soup, takes poison and claims Isha's side is truthful.

Scene from Tula Pahate Re.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Jhende and Jalinder strike a deal over a phone call. Jhende tells Jalinder he can only meet Vikrant if he tells Vikrant the truth about Isha’s identity. Jalinder, who wants to help Isha, agrees to the conditions. After Jalinder meets Jhende, the latter asks to speak everything that he knows. Meanwhile, Myra and Jaydeep are worried about Jalinder’s safety since he hasn’t taken any help with him.

Watch the preview below:

Jalinder comes face to face with Vikrant. He reminds Vikrant of all the crimes he has committed against people in the past. However, an injured Vikrant seems unperturbed by these accusations. As Jhende tries to force Jalinder to speak the truth, the latter takes poison and dies while claiming Isha’s side is truthful.

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