This Picture Posted By Tuzhat Jeev Rangala’s Anjali Is Basically All Of Us During Monsoons

Check out this recent, fun post by Akshaya Deodhar. Pic inside!

A Still Of Akshaya Deodhar

The monsoon season is upon us and looks like our Marathi actors are making the most of it. The heat in Mumbai is unbearable so naturally, the rains are big relief. And quite evidently, Akshaya Deodhar seems to be enjoying every bit of it! The actress who plays Anjali in Zee Marathi’s show Tuzhat Jeev Rangala, recently posted a picture that you all will be able to relate to. The beauty is seen getting wet in the rain and enjoying the raindrops falling on her face. Ah, that’s the best feeling isn’t it?

Watch the latest episode from the show here.

In the picture you can see Akshaya smiling away to glory and enjoying the rains. This is basically all of us during the monsoons, right guys?

In her caption, she urges fans to enjoy such blissful moments often as they will come by after a while. Aye aye captain! So folks, before the deadly heat captivates Mumbai again, enjoy the rains as much as you can. You can take a trip with your friends, go on a hiking spree or simply sit by your window with a cup of tea and some pakodas. Trust us, there are many ways to take in this beautiful weather!

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